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What We Are

What We Are

We are Italian wedding planners based in Florence and together with you we can create unforgettable weddings in Tuscany. Our passion for helping people organize their own events has given birth to Tuscany Smart Weddings in Florence. We want to make sure that the most important events in the lives of our customers are truly memorable and fun. Always flexible and able to meet the needs and tastes of our customers, thanks to a series of strategic partnerships. I hope you’ll choose us for your next event. You won’t regret it.

What We Do

What We Do

Smart Tuscany Weddings is an ethical, eco-friendly and green wedding agency based in Florence, the heart of the Tuscany, with a successful experience in this sector. We offer you a wedding organization in Tuscany from scratch and take care of everything related to the preparation of your big day and we also offer all additional services to enjoy your holiday in Tuscany with your wedding guests. Choosing one of the three weeding all inclusive package related to your budget and needs , you will select your dream locations, banquets, florists, accomodations, Tuscany’s tours.

We plan only sustainable, eco-friendly weddings without sacrificing style on your special day. We are that cares for people and for out planet.



Our mission

Our mission is to create “all inclusive” fabulous wedding with a focus on creating an sustainable, eco-friendly or fairtrade wedding.

Some researches suggests that a wedding can produce as many CO2 emissions as five people would in an entire year! For this reason Tuscany Smart wedding plans and creates for your wedding an epic celebration while minimizing your impact on the environment.

We are concentrating on reducing the environmental and ethical impact of your wedding.

We are aware that we can’t solve all of the world’s problems with your wedding, but we can strive to let newlyweds make more ethical and eco-friendly choices.

We have listed only a few of our sustainable wedding ideas that we will use for your wedding as examples:

  • We do not ask you to forego cut flowers on your wedding day, but we can mix them with potted herbs, greenery, and living plants.
    Depending on the season, we collaborate with our wedding florist partners to source locally-grown flowers, seasonal alternatives, and a variety of sustainable florist ideas. It’s also worth discussing with them what happens to the arrangements after the wedding; we donate them to Tuscany’s local hospices.
  • Tuscany Smart Weddings provides charity wedding favors to organizations that work to save children’s lives, protect wildlife, and advance cancer research.
  • We, too, have seen many couples request charitable donations instead of gifts.
  • Our trusted catering partners primarily use local and traditional Tuscan culinary products. The wines are all from our lovely Tuscany land.
  • We make every effort to use materials that have no environmental impact and are completely recyclable.
  • We can prepare gifts from the heart of Chianti for each of your guests, such as excellent olive oil, delicate soap, bottles of wine, and sweet honey.
  • We upcycle your bridal wedding gown: after your big day, we transform it into a fabulous elegant gown for your special occasions.
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